CrossFit Classes


Discover your strengths in our classes! Every Classified Fitness class is designed to deliver two things: results, and the best hour of your day. Come sweat with us, and you’ll be getting fit in the company of people just like you who all have one thing in common- the desire to be a better version of themselves. Don’t worry, no class is too tough for you. We scale every workout to meet your ability level. As your skills increase, so will the intensity of your workouts.
  • CrossFit

    Our CrossFit class is our core program that focuses on functional strength and conditioning, ultimately promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our workouts of the day (WODs) are designed to fit every fitness level and generally consist of a warm up, a skill/strength portion, and a conditioning portion that ends with stretching. Each day varies, with the purpose of challenging yourself to reach unknown limits. Our goal is to create a fun and functional atmosphere while supporting individual growth.

  • Personal Training

    Our personal training sessions are the ultimate level of customization. Your trainer will get to know your goals and experience level to formulate a progressive plan of attack. Whether you are new to exercise, working toward one of our group programs, or simply like the one-on-one environment, personal training is the most direct path to the results you want and need.


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  • Intro Program

    This is our introductory 2 week course that offers 6 classes, designed to help our new members transition into our CrossFit classes. You’ll learn fundamentals of CrossFit in a small group setting, including strength movements, gymnastics, conditioning, and mobility. Members will become familiar with our philosophy and terminology as well. Individuals will work toward personal goals while surrounded by others with similar aspirations.

  • Open Gym

    Recess for grown-ups. In Open Gym, you have to freedom to use our gym any way you want. Make up a missed class, work on “homework” from your coach, practice skills you’re still mastering … the options are limitless.

  • Nutrition Seminar

    The best workout in the world won’t work without the right nutrition. We’ll help you find the right diet for your body type, goals, and particular health needs. If you’re struggling with certain health issues, or even if you feel “perfectly healthy,” our nutritional seminars are critical to your success in fitness and health. This program meets once a month on Sundays and holds you accountable to striving for a healthier lifestyle outside the gym.


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    • 12 Month Commitment


      per month

      • Unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Open Gym
      • a $40 per month discount for signing a 12 month contract!
    • 6 Month Commitment


      per month

      • Unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Open Gym
      • A $20 per month discount for signing a 6 month contract!
    • Monthly Commitment


      per month

      • Unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Open Gym.
    • Punch Card


      per 10 sessions

      • Access to CrossFit classes and Open Gym
      • Access to Programming for 3 month period
      • *Only Valid for 3 months after purchase


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