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Jeremy Moncher MOTM Mar 2020

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Family: Mom, Dad, Step-Dad, one older brother, one younger brother, 2 younger sisters, and a nephew
First Job: Delivering the newspaper before school
Current Job: Medical Gas Engineer and Installer
Immediate CF Goals: Ring and bar Muscle Ups
Current Shake Recipe: water, two ice cubes, Driven Post WOD Peanut Butter Prize
Favorite Football Team: SF 49ers
Likes to watch: Anime, Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Baby Yoda)
Favorite Meal Prep: go to Walmart, get a rotisserie chicken and weigh it out. Pair with hard boiled eggs and pistachios.
Favorite Supplements: Dextrose Supplement (carb shake preworkout), postwod peanut butter prize, No2
Favorite Thing to do Outside CF: watching the San Francisco 49ers play, fishing

“In my head I’m like, I did it. I joined. I lost weight. I’m having fun. It was hard. But I did it. I know I can hold my own. Push my own weight. I’m a lot more confident than when I first started.” Jeremy says as we talk about his CrossFit journey.

Watching Jeremy’s transformation over the past seven months has been inspiring and motivating. He came to Classified when he was at his heaviest, weighing 225. Growing up, he was always fairly active. He grew up on Beale Air Force Base where his step dad was stationed. His family moved to Marysville at the start of junior high while they waited for their house to be built in Yuba City. During junior high, Jeremy played basketball, football and wrestling. He started at Yuba City High School when his family moved into their new home. There he narrowed his athletic focus to football. During his senior year he was diagnosed with a tumor in his chest and he had to have it removed.

After graduation, he moved to Sacramento and then the Bay Area. Life down there was a little too fast paced and he found himself in a bit of trouble. When he emerged from his trouble, he called his mom and said “I’m moving back home, make some room”. His older brother was a plumber and quickly got Jeremy into the field. Sixteen years ago, they started working together, moving company to company, looking for a place that would give them the best future in the business.

After moving back, he started trying other ways to stay active. One of his favorite ways was skydiving. He has over 300 dives and used to be a licensed diver. For about three years he practiced boxing, mma, and jiu jitsu. During a tournament he had an arm completely blown out. It went one way and swelled up like a watermelon. He lost use of his arm for almost three months. This affected his ability to do the things he enjoyed doing. Thankfully, he was able to continue working at the company he was with. When his arm was healed, he was at a new job that required him to be able to work.The risk of getting hurt was too great so he had to stop his training.

Being recovered, he started back at the regular gym. He had been gaining weight and had to hold his breath to tie his shoes. Once there, he would jump on the elliptical and wouldn’t stop until the machine read 1000 calories. Eventually that got monotonous so he started breaking it up between four different machines, racking up 250 calories on each.

He’d also change his eating habits. And by changing his eating habits, he would just eat less. He would get one scoop of mac and cheese instead of three, decide to not get the extra large fry with his hamburger. In about six months he would lose twenty pounds and his work pants would fit him again. Then the holidays would roll around and he would stop going to the gym. Work would get slow so he’d be even less active. All the weight would come back. Eventually he’d start going back to the gym and about six months later he would get bored and quit and this was his cycle for about three years.

It was about time for him to get back in shape when he noticed his friend Stephanie checking in to somewhere called Classified CrossFit. So he clicked on it and found out it was about two miles from his house. As he did some more searching, he realized that it was like the stuff he saw his other friends doing on videos they were posting so he gave Stephanie a call and asked her about her gym. Steph described some of the things that she did in class and then asked for his number to pass along to Ryan so he could give Jeremy a call. About eight hours later, Jeremy received a phone call and found himself thinking “I guess this is happening!”! So he signed up for the trial and decided to see what it was all about.

He had fun during the trial and decided to sign up. That first week of class made him realize how out of shape he was. Ryan always did a good job scaling the workouts so that he finished in a place that didn’t make him feel like he was that far behind. It was easy to keep coming back because everyone was really nice and he knew Stephanie. About two weeks after joining, the gym was holding its quarterly nutrition challenge. This challenge ended up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

In his life, Jeremy had been able to quit a lot of things including cigarettes, but food…he just couldn’t quit. Knowing that he needed help in that department, and being at his heaviest weigh, he figured he had the most to give and a chance to win some cash, so why not sign up?!

During that first challenge Jeremy learned that he didn’t have to quit eating. You just have to know what to eat, when to eat, how to eat. He learned about eating whole foods, eating more meat and staying away from carbs. He didn’t realize how many carbs things had until he started tracking. Previously, he would have an egg mcmuffin for breakfast, pizza for lunch, hamburger and fries for dinner and soda with every meal. Now, he was making WAY different decisions with much more awareness. And those decisions paid off when he came in first overall losing 21.3 pounds and 4.9% body fat.

When he first started, he had to take breaks during the 400m run. Now, he can run a mile without stopping. He can also do double unders. And 24 inch box jumps, rope climbs, pullups and toes to bar. He’s also getting closer to getting both his bar and ring muscle up. In fact, his goal is to be able to get one before his one year anniversary. He also didn’t take the holidays off. He kept showing up even though it was “freezing” because he never got bored.

That kind of dedication has helped him reach a low of 175 pounds. “I never thought I would get down to 175,” he said. “My first goal was to be under 200. Then I knew I wanted to get to 180. But to get to 175 was amazing.”

By Bethany Schmidl