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So you want to squat better? Well here are a few mobility tips you can perform to increase your range of motion!

Prior to squatting you can try. Foam rolling out muscles such as the calfs, hamstrings, gluts, and hips. We want to perfrom dynamic stretches that assist with the warming up of the muscles we want to utilize. For example hamstring flossing is a great way to warm up as it involves laying on your back, head on the ground, taking your hands placing them under your knee of one leg while pulling the knee to directly above the hips. From there you’ll extend your foot upward slowly so your leg is as straight as you can get it. Then you will slowly lower that leg back to a relaxed position. Doing 10 on each side mixed with other warm up movements helps get your legs ready to squat!

Post squatting we’ll want to try static stretching which involves holding positions for a set amount of time in order to stretch that muscle. This is when we’ll hit a calf stretch with our heel as close to a pole or wall as possible and then making contact with your toe and standing as upright as possible until you feel a slight pull in your calf. In order to stretch that hamstring you’ll want to elevate your foot to roughly hip level and slightly rotate that leg and foot outward. You should feel a stretch on the side of your leg and runs into your glut. Try and keep your chest as upright as possible and bend your opposite knee if you’re not feeling a slight tug. Another stretch you’ll want to try and do is a hip flexor stretch. This one is difficult to explain in writing, so I’ll let you google that one. Kelley Starret has great tips on these movements.

What we do want to avoid is over stretching. Now this isn’t about spending too long stretching. It’s about forcing your muscles into a position. We do not want to do that. We want to relax and breathe into the position our muscles want to be in. For example we do not want to lean forward with our chest and reach for your foot when you stretch your hamstring. And as you exhale you’ll be able to sink deeper into a stretch.