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Carrie Bevacqua MOTM Feb 2020

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Family: Husband Ed, sons Kenton and Cameron, grandkids Tatum and Avery
First Job: Sorting peaches
Current Job: School Social Worker
Favorite Days: Strength days and WODs with 2 movements
Immediate CF Goals: Toes to Bar, Double Unders and
Current Shake Recipe: almond milk and protein powder (cinnamon roll and vanilla are her faves!)
Favorite Book: Carpetbaggers
Favorite TV Show: the CSI shows
Favorite Recipe: Meat and fresh veggies on the grill
Favorite thing to do outside CrossFit: travel, spend time with her grandchildren and gardening

Carrie has been a member at Classified Fitness since April of 2018. When she started CrossFit she was coming back from a double knee surgery and wasn’t able to break 90 degrees in a squat. Her doctor told her she could never run again and she was frustrated with the progress she was seeing in her health and fitness.

About six months after her surgery, her oldest son Kenton invited her to try a class at the gym. She was petrified and worried about her knees, but she had made a commitment to show up, and when she makes a commitment, she follows through. She came for a few more classes and was impressed with the coach’s ability to modify for her. His patience and ability to scale movements is what made her sign up and keeps her coming back.

Without those modifications, she would have gotten frustrated and quit because it’s hard watching other people do things you wish you could. Carrie said, “In the past, I had a “no pain, no gain” mentality. And now, I realize pain is less gain, and it will set me back. You have to be uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t have pain.” This lady is in this for the long haul, so injury prevention is one of her biggest concerns.

Carrie grew up in Redding and moved to Yuba City when she was in sixth grade. Growing up, she spent a lot of time with her aunt and her cousin. She got to go to work with her aunt, which is where her passion for social work and helping others, especially those who were struggling, began to develop.

She attended Yuba City High School where she did cheer and ran. During her time in highschool, she spent nine months in Argentina as a Rotary exchange student. This trip taught her independence as it was up to her to learn the language, navigate a foreign place without cell phones and technology and she was only able to communicate with her parents every couple of months through letters. She was supposed to have stayed a year, but was brought home because of the war.

Once home, she continued her education at Sacramento State and graduated with her degree in Child Development. She got a job teaching kindergarten at a private school soon after and quickly realized there was much more than snotty noses. She switched jobs to a therapeutic aid at an intensive residential facility for teenagers. Here, she helped kids with their daily living, did minor counseling and de-escalated situations. While working there she decided to go back and get her master’s degree in Social Work.

Carrie was in private mental health for 30 years as an administrator and has now switched to a more hands on role as a school social worker allowing her to work more directly with kids and their families. The kids she works with, have experienced, or are experiencing a high level of trauma. The gym is a release for her and has become part of her self-care.

When you look at her, you probably wouldn’t guess that she has degenerative disc disease. Ten years ago, she had major back surgery because she had no disc in her L5-S1. Two years ago, she had double knee surgery and the doctor told her that she has bone on bone grinding and that she would be back for a partial replacement in a year or so. That was two years ago.

Some of the things that she has seen a huge difference in since starting at Classified is her ability to squat (she can break 90!), box jump and do burpees. In fact, to get up off the floor – she does a burpee. You read that right. When she’s laying on the floor to play with her grandkids, she does a burpee to get up. If she falls in the snow, she rolls to her belly and does a burpee. She may not love them, but she definitely powers through them!

One of the things that keeps her coming back is her Classified Family. “I know family is so generally used now,” she says, “but when you talk about the family there, there is always somebody supporting somebody, smiling, checking in, always.” Another thing is the coaches.They’re all about safety and very knowledgeable. Carrie isn’t scared to ask questions because she knows the coaches love what they do and are there to teach and instruct. When she’s doubting her ability, they are quick to point out all the improvements and things she’s doing right and help her not feel bad about the things she can’t do.

Outside of Crosfit, you can find Carrie serving her community, traveling, and spending time with her grandkids. One of the things her and Ed would like to do when they retire, is travel across the United States in a motorhome. And if you ever need veggies, ask her! She plants a year round garden and makes her own sauce in true fork to table fashion.

Written By: Bethany Schmidl