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Araceli Nita Member of the Month January 2020

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Family: Husband Bret and seven children (she birthed 4 of them!), Viktoria (19), Keera (17), Kaylah (17), Cameron (14), Autiahna (12), Mateo (4), Cora (2)
First Job: McDonalds
Current Job: Customer Service Manager at Suncrest Bank
Favorite Movement (right now!): kipping pullups
Immediate CF Goals: consecutive kipping pullups, toes to bar
Current Shake Recipe: 8oz almond milk, 1 scoop Cinnamon Roll Protein Powder, 1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen, 1 scoop Driven Creatine
Favorite Book: Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron
Favorite Podcast (one of them!): Chasing Excellence
Favorite Recipe: brown ground beef on stove top. Add a package of mushrooms and soften for 5 minutes. Add spinach until done for about another 5 minutes. Eat with ½ cup fried cauliflower rice and ½ cup sweet potatoes.
Favorite Thing to do Outside of CrossFit: Spend time with her family

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life,” Araceli says as we visit after class one morning.

And that happiness can be traced back to a decision she made in January of 2019.

That decision has led to:

27.3 pounds lost
5.4 pounds of muscle gained
20.5% body fat lost
Extreme Happiness
A new mindset and outlook on life

In January of 2019, she joined Classified CrossFit’s Nutrition Challenge and life has never been the same.

To understand how CrossFit has made her the happiest she’s ever been, let’s get to know Araceli a little bit more.

In 5th grade, she started gaining weight and it drastically affected her self confidence and esteem. She was teased for her weight and other things that she couldn’t control. This battle with weight and confidence continued into high school, a time when emotions run high and we worry too much about what others think. At her heaviest, she weighed 186 pounds. It was in high school that she developed an eating disorder in order to gain the acceptance she longed for. Eventually, she realized she couldn’t keep treating her body like this and started to eat better and exercise more.

A week after her 18th birthday she found out she was pregnant. This caused her to grow up and realize things had to change. This is evident when you hear her speak of always wanting better for her children. She loves her children fiercely and she wants them to grow up shooting for the stars and staying focused. Araceli strives to instill the value of perseverance. Her goal is to build strong people who love themselves and have such confidence that they will be great at whatever they choose to do.

Fast forward to 2013. She met Bret and between the two of them have five children. Together, they have two, Mateo (who has some really impressive pushups!) and Cora. She would go to the gym. hitting the treadmill, and her favorite – spin class, at least four days a week. She would lose a little weight and maintain, but never really made the progress she desired. She would eat good and then have one or two cheat days a week.

Araceli tried CrossFit for a week before at a different box, but didn’t find the connection she was looking for. When Cora was about a year old she heard of the Nutrition Challenge at Classified Fitness, and she felt it was the right time to give it a shot. She had been looking for an opportunity to get her daughters Kaylah and Vik into something new and challenging.

During the challenge she and the girls attended class six days a week, kicking butt and seeing results. That’s not to say she didn’t experience a little anxiety that first week. She felt insecure not knowing the movements and what to do, but the community the gyms fosters made her feel safe and accepted. With each class Araceli attended she fell more in love, and at the end of the challenge she found something that made her truly happy and wanting more.

Convinced that her health and happiness were of the utmost importance, Araceli made a commitment to ensure she and her family members could continue at the gym. As a family of nine at the time, evaluating expenses became necessary as she and Bret made the decision to prioritize health and wellness. Eating out, expensive clothes and makeup purchases, purchasing coffee on a regular basis, etc. were by and large eliminated.

“When I say absolute happiest I’ve been, I mean the absolute happiest I’ve ever been since I was a child,” Araceli says. “I’ve struggled with being fat and feeling ugly and feeling less than, like I’ve never fit in. And now, I don’t care what purse I have, or how my hair looks. I am happy with myself. And I’m happy for no reason. I love myself 110%.”

Over this last year, Araceli has dedicated herself to mastering the basics. Dialing in her nutrition, being consistent with her workouts, and positive self talk have all contributed to her growth. While the commitment to change is not always easy, Araceli strongly believes that if you want to achieve great things it all starts with a positive mindset.

Araceli is now an integral member of the Classified Fit family who inspires and motivates so many people. She welcomes new members and encourages everyone to be the best they can be.

Araceli’s goals moving forward are to nail her toes to bar, become better at Olympic lifts, and continue to build muscle and strength.

Written By: Bethany Schmidl