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Antonio (T) Lozano MOTM Jun 2020

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By Bethany Schmidl

Family: Mom and Dad, older sister Alyssa
Favorite Movements: The Olympic Lifts
Immediate CF Goals: Not chicken wing muscle ups
First Job: Cleaning tables at the restaurant
Current Job: Cold table at the restaurant
Favorite Thing to Watch: Documentaries – WWII Docs and Food documentaries
Favorite Movie: John Wick
Favorite Recipe: the marinade they use for their steaks – but no sharing!
Supplements: PostWod Shake from Driven
Favorite Shake Recipe: 2 scoops protein mixed with milk
Favorite Thing to do Outside CrossFit: hang out with friends, throw the football around, go to the movies

T, also known as Antonio, is a familiar sight at the gym. You can find him kicking butt, encouraging others, and hanging in the back after class rolling out and chatting. T may be one of the youngest members at the gym at 14 years old (almost 15!), but his drive and his determination and willingness to put in work is greater than a lot of adults.

T has grown up in Yuba City his whole life. He attended Barry Elementary before transferring to Yuba City High School. His favorite subject is history because he likes learning about what happened before our time and the things they went through. His favorite topic in history is war, specifically the World Wars. He finds them really interesting.

Besides CrossFit, T plays football and runs track because it’s mandatory for him to play football. His coaches wanted all the running backs and receivers to get faster, so while it’s not his top pick, he does it to become better and play the sport he actually loves.

He has been playing football for more than half his life. His favorite thing about it is having the ball while eleven people are coming straight at you and trying to get away from them. He started playing eight years ago at the age of six for the Junior Falcons. The year prior, he had watched his cousin Jacob play and asked his parents if he could the following year. They said yes and he hasn’t stopped playing since. Except the time when he broke his arm halfway through the season.

During the 2019 season, at the Yuba City vs River Valley game, T got put in right before halftime. The play started and T and another teammate tripped, putting him right in the path of an opposing player. The opposing player hit his quads and T fell straight onto his left arm. He broke his radius and his ulna, and his arm was basically in half. It took him seven months to get 100% full recovery because of the nerve damage he incurred as well.

One month after his injury, T came back to Crossfit. He started focusing on his legs, his right arm and maintaining his endurance. His attitude during this time was inspiring. Most people, including adults, would not have been back in the gym, modifying every workout, because of fear, worry, and self-doubt. Not T. He was there almost every day, making adjustments, doing what he could, and making the best of the situation. When I asked him why he didn’t give up, he said “I just knew that people saw me as a person who always pushed through obstacles and I saw this as an obstacle so I wanted to show myself and others that I could do it, so i could be an example for others.” When he got his cast off he started building the strength in his left arm. Now, it’s almost what it was, but not fully. He says he’s still a bit lopsided when he benches.

T’s dad, also Antonio, started CrossFit in 2014. When T was about 11 in 2016, he started asking his Dad if he could go with him but he was told he was too young to participate. So T would go to class and watch his dad and Uncle throw weights around, soaking in the passion, the excitement and the movements. When Classified began the process of building the gym, T was there helping build the place from the ground up.

The first time he was able to come to class with his dad, he was nervous because he wasn’t used to intense exercise, and from watching his dad and Uncle, he knew it could be pretty intense at times. He remembers his first workout had sled pushes and the next day he couldn’t even move his legs it was so bad. His Dad asked “do you want to come again?” and T replied “yeah, let’s do it” and ever since then, he’s been coming to the gym.

One of the things that keeps T coming back to CrossFit is that he knows he’ll get progressively better and bettering himself is really important. He wants to be the best he can be for himself as well as for others. By building his mental and physical body he is able to achieve that. Another reason he loves CrossFit is because it helps him be better at football. When he started CrossFit, football was hard. He found himself constantly out of breath but now, his endurance has come up and he is one of the most well paced people on the team. CrossFit has made life easier for T, and gives him a place to release any stress he may feel.

The Olympic Lifts are his favorite, especially the clean. Focusing on form and working to get it perfect is fun. He is always trying to get better. Another goal he is working on is better form in his muscle up. He has a mean chicken arm that he’s trying to get under control!

T and his dad aren’t the only family members that come to CrossFit. His aunts and uncles and cousins, as well as his sister Alyssa, also all partake in the experience. T loves that his entire family wants to get better too. This is one of the reasons his family has had an immense impact on him. They encourage him to be better, to be a better person and he says they are just the best. His dad always taught him to treat others the way he wanted to be treated so T shows everyone respect, so that everyone can respect him. His Dad has had a huge impact on the person T is today.

During school breaks and summers, you can find T working at his father’s restaurant, Antonio’s Quick Lunch. He’s been working at the restaurant since he was like five, cleaning off tables. Now, T works the cold table for the drive thru. The cold table has all the lettuce, salsa, tomatoes, etc. The hot table, where another employee is at, has the meats, beans and rice. Together, they fill the order, T wraps it up and hands it off.

When he is older, T wants to go to Culinary School for everyday cooking. He loves to cook and steaks are his favorite thing to prepare. His Dad is the one who brought cooking into his life early by having him state all the food, creating the desire to want to do this for himself. After culinary school, T wants to come back and work at his dad’s restaurant, helping him grow and expand, and eventually developing into the kind of man his father is.

When not CrossFitting, playing football or working at the restaurant, you can find T spending time with his family hanging out and bbqing as well as hanging out with his friends.