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Obstacle Course Racing Class

Interested in doing a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or other obstacle course race this year? Well we’ve got a class for you! We will offer this class twice per month on Sundays. Look for our schedule below for upcoming dates!

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Class time will begin at 9am and run until 10:30am. This hour and a half long class will give you time to learn and practice apparatuses you may find at a race as well as include a long endurance workout meant to help prepare you specially for a race! No other gym in the area has the set up we do. We’ve got ropes to climb, walls to scale, pulleys to pull, sleds to push, and plenty of rig space to practice your grip work! This class is designed for those who are preparing for an obstacle course race this year.

You might be asking, "How much does this cost?"

$30 Drop in



$50 For a month, 2 class pass with automated billing.

Cancel 30 days in advance via the website.


$113 for a 5-class pass

(25% discount)





*More dates to come!
**All dates are subject to change at the discretion of Classified Fitness.