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Fall Nutrition Challenge

Our quarterly nutrition challenges are the best way to start your CrossFit career! We want to assist you in improving your nutrition! As part of our challenge you will receive before and after InBody Scan Print Outs (this includes information on weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat mass, information that cannot come from a regular scale). This is not a new diet trend, this is meant to educate you on the food you're putting in your body. We'll start the challenge off with InBody measurements and an info session about what foods to look for in order to see the results you want! We'll also provide a weekly check in session with a coach to help you get through the challenge! In addition you'll receive unlimited access to classes that teach you to move better, alongside other members and a qualified coach so that you see the results you want! Any questions can be directed to

Challenges take place in

They generally begin the first Saturday of those months, but check dates below before registering!

Here are the details!

Our next Challenge begins October 5th InBody scans at 8:00am, a workout at 9am followed by info session at 10am. The challenge will end Nov 2nd with measurements at 8:00am then a 9am workout. Winners will be announced on Nov 4th. You'll be assigned a coach for the whole process. Your coach will be available during the weekend to allow you to sit down and discuss your weekly progress. Individuals are required to keep a journal to log everything they eat and drink! If you cannot attend the in person meetings, meetings via video chat or email may be possible!

If you were to individually purchase these services it would be $365 for a month! Check our special price below!
- Inbody Scan Before and After ($80 Value)!
- Personal Weekly Check Ins with a Coach to make sure you’re on track ($100 Value)!
- Unlimited access to Classified Fitness classes from Oct 5th until Nov 4th ($185 Value)!

Prizes & Pricing


1st Place:  2 Free months at Classified Fitness and 2 months additional food check ins!
2nd Place: 1 Free month at Classified Fitness

Skeletal Muscle Mass Gain 1st Place: 2 Free months of additional food check ins


Members $75
Non-Members $215 (Includes access to unlimited classes during the challenge, see the schedule for all times)

Register Here!

*Disclaimer: All purchases are final, no refunds will be given once purchase is made. Limited to 8 non-members. We reserve the right to change any prizes or measurement options before the start of the event. It is up to you to make it to our program. Winners will be announced Monday Nov 4th. Post measurements must be taken prior to annoucement. If you are unable to attend the start of the challenge but would still like to participate we can take measurements before the start date for a $10 convenience charge and you will also have access to our live info session via facebook on Saturday Oct 5th. Everyone needs to bring a notebook for notes and to record their eating and sleep habits throughout the challenge.